Gearing up for Monday’s Raksha Bandan festival

RRV with blue lights

Raksha Bandan, a Hindu festival celebrating the bond between a brother and sister, falls on Monday (7th August).

It is a yearly pledge and reminder that the brother will protect the sister regardless of any circumstances or factors that may threaten her well-being.

This festival is celebrated all over the world by Hindus. It has also be interpreted in the western world as a thread of friendship which has become very popular and known as the ‘friendship’ bracelet between friends.

The brother normally goes to his sister’s house to have a Rakhi (thread of love) tied around his wrist. In return the brother may give a gift of money, saree or gold to his sister. Centuries ago, this was just a normal woven red thread made at home by sisters. These days you can buy elaborate colourful Rakis woven with different types of threads, embedded with gems and stones.   

The word Raksha means protection, while Bandhan is the verb to tie.

For more information on Raksha Bandan, contact Navrita Atwal, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager.

Published 5th August, 2017

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