Getting it right: new team of mediators for EEAST

Dee Hurran Zoe Hutchison Jenny Stocking Zoe Collis Andree Weymouth Ryan Nelson Joanna Maunder Mediation Team September 2018 AWAITING FORMS

Everybody matters and getting it right for our people is how we work together to live and work by our Trust values - that's why EEAST partnered with ACAS to deliver training to build our team of trained mediators.

Made up of a range of colleagues and Unison representatives the newly-trained cohort of Dee Hurran, Zoe Hutchison, Jenny Stocking, Zoe Collis, Andree Weymouth, Ryan Nelson and Joanna Maunder will help people who don't see eye to eye sort out their differences through mediation as quickly as possible and so minimise distress and upset.

It’s a flexible, confidential process in which the mediator assists parties in working towards an agreement of a dispute or difference, with the parties in ultimate control of the decision to agree the terms of resolution.  Throughout the mediation process, the mediator is there to help; they will listen and act as a coach to the parties.

How we relate to others is an integral part of our daily lives  - virtually everyone will interact with others and so potentially find themselves in a conflict situation to some degree. How we deal with each conflict situation will depend on the sort of person we are, the mood we are in at that particular point, and the person we are dealing with. When conflict does arise, the optimum time to resolve any differences is early on at the first signs of conflict emerging or escalating.  Where employees are unable to resolve issues between themselves, they may benefit from a mediation intervention.  

There may be times when the differences and upset between employees escalates to a formal level; mediation may also be recommended at this time to assist the employees to improve working relations enabling you to do what you do best, ensuring everyone matters and working as a team to deliver outstanding and compassionate care for our patients and for each other.  

Keep an eye out on Need to Know for more Mediation Team news coming soon and further details as to how to access a mediator. In the meantime if you have any general queries please speak with your Manager, HR or a Unison ep.

Don’t forget at any time if you feel you want to talk an issue through or a need a listening ear you can access Wellbeing Hub resources from EAST 24. The Hub is available at any time on 01234 243 060 or email  Your contact will always be confidential unless there is any potential risk involved.  Another service available is through the Freedom to Speak Up Guardians where you can also raise a concern in confidence.  You can contact the Freedom to Speak Up Guardians on Further information on the guardians can be found on the ‘You Matter’ tab on East24.

Published 20th September 2018

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