Gideon retires after 20 years

Gideon Chilton

Gideon Chilton retired on August 7 - exactly 20 years since he joined the service. However, before leaving he sent a message outlining his service and extending his thanks to colleagues, which we're pleased to reproduce below.

"I joined the Trust at the age of 40, having meant to become an ‘ambulance driver’ since my early twenties, but I let life get in the way for a couple of decades!

When eventually it came my transition from public to student was rapid – interview on the Friday, fitness test on the Saturday after which I was asked if I could start on the Monday!

Now here I am, twenty years later working my last shift and reflecting on my time in the service.

I worked in North Essex at Harwich as a technician and paramedic before becoming station supervisor at Frinton.
From there I moved to a number of stations in the area before becoming a trainer and working in the Chelmsford centre before taking on the role of Clinical Operations Manager in North Essex.

When the Clinical Operations Manager role disappeared I again moved to the Chelmsford centre.

Throughout my career I have been surprised by the number of people in various positions who have been willing to help and support me when I have needed it and I believe that this commitment to each other provides a vital service to all ambulance staff.
Together we can cope with the ups and downs of the type of experiences we come across.
I know that I will miss the camaraderie that is embedded in the Service.

I think that the time is right for me to retire from the Trust and spend more time on my hobbies and interests outside work.
Obviously the current pandemic has rather disrupted the plans that Deb and I had made but I’m sure we can fill our time doing all those things we haven’t been able to undertake whilst in full time employment.
I’m going to be spending more time on my photography – particularly wildlife images and will find the time to have a few fishing trips to the Dales and to Scotland.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support, generosity and for the kindness you have shown over the years."


Published 14th August 2020

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