Gift and hospitality policies: guidance on what to do

Christmas Gifts

As we move into the festive period, our patient-facing staff see an increase in the quantity of gifts being offered.

We know that crews everywhere will be offered very kind gifts from individuals and organisations, so now is as good a time as any to remind colleagues what we as an NHS trust can accept, and also what we unfortunately have to decline.

Offers of low value gifts, such as chocolates and biscuits are generally acceptable within the parameters of the policy without needed to be formally declared, although these will need to be reported to your relevant line manager.

However, more care should be taken for certain gifts and hospitality where a declaration will need to be made, even if the offer of gift is declined. You can access the ‘Declaration of Gifts & Hospitality Form’ here, which once completed will need to be forwarded to Melbourn HQ as stated on the form itself.

Any gifts of significant value (in excess of £25) should be refused and declared.

It’s really important that you fill in a form for Finance so we can keep track of where gifts are being accepted or declined, so that we can accurately report against anti-fraud and bribery policies.

The general rule should be not to accept gifts from individuals, however you are able to accept cash or cheques by way of donation to the East of England Charitable fund which can be sent to the Norwich Finance office. If they are for specific stations, you will need to indicate this so that they can be allocated correctly.

If you and/ or your crew are offered any small gifts email  so that we can help share these positive stories!

Published 21st December 2018

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