GoodSAM app helped Tom save a life

Tom Miller

Tom Miller of Willingham, Cambridgeshire has been a community first responder (CFR) for seven years. Having the GoodSAM app on his phone enabled him to be first at the scene of a medical emergency and provide a critically ill patient with urgent care that helped save a life.

Tom said he was not booked on-shift as a CFR at the time of the incident: “I was going to a horticultural show to promote being a CFR when I was alerted on my GoodSAM App. The incident was just around the corner from where I live, so I said yes to the call and grabbed my bag.”

Tom arrived to find that the patient was a man who had collapsed in the garden of a friend he was visiting and was now in cardiac arrest.

“I contacted the control centre to let them know I was on-scene and began CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation). I got the defibrillator out of my bag, applied the pads and cleared the patient’s airway.

“The defibrillator said ‘shock advised’ and the patient was shocked twice, with me continuing CPR between shocks. I could hear the ambulance sirens getting closer, but they seemed to take forever to come.
“The time between my arrival and the ambulance crew arriving, was only six minutes, but it seemed a lot longer. I later learned that the A14 had been closed, which had caused heavy congestion. ”

Once the crew was on-scene, they took it in turns to carry on with CPR and defibrillating the patient. Then a few minutes later, a Physician Paramedic arrived from the Air Ambulance service, and they brought a machine that provides automatic chest compression.

“After about 10 minutes, they got a ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation)” said Tom.  “They turned the machine off to transport the patient to hospital. That was a wonderful moment.
“I was able then to go to the horticultural show as planned.”

“Three weeks prior to this, I had my first call on the GoodSAM app and was called to another cardiac arrest incident. Sadly we were not successful that time and the patient died at the scene, so it was very encouraging to have a positive outcome for this patient.

“I’d recommend anyone with CFR or other first aid training to get the the GoodSam App – you can make a difference!”

You can find out more about signing up to the GoodSAM app here.

Published 23rd October 2019

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