Gospel or Gossip?

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During this time of National Emergency, whilst the whole of the NHS is under increasing pressure, please could I take a minute of your time to ask you to not listen to the rumour mill or take everything you read on Facebook etc as “gospel”? It’s gossip!

I am in regular contact with the Police and the Accredited Security Management Specialist forum that covers the whole country. Let me assure you that every rumour that has been generated, for example, about NHS staff being mugged for their ID cards. The forum has been able to quash very quickly, by tracking it back to the source and talking to the local Police.

For the 'mugging' incident, the Metropolitan Police were approached and confirmed that the NHS lanyard just happened to be inside a backpack that was stolen by an opportunist thief.  A back pack had indeed been stolen but it was NOT an NHS targeted offence.

The advice that I always give you is to keep your badge somewhere safe and don’t wear it when you are not working. This is (99%) so that you don’t lose it, not because it (1%) might be stolen.

The type and amount of misinformation will come from various sources but one thing is for sure, giving it head-space will sap your batteries (literally) and may make you despondent, beginning to question your own resolve to do the amazing work that you are all doing. Please disregard it.

The biggest ask of all is around fake news - please do not forward gossip to your friends, colleagues or loved ones.

To help all of us, please rely on reading trusted sources only - such as the Trust’s daily COVID-19 update here on Need To Know.

The only noise that we are hearing on the streets is very positive and praising towards the NHS; you are all regarded as HEROES.

If you have any concerns, please contact me: anne.wright@eastamb.nhs.uk.

Stay safe.

Anne Wright
Local Security Management Specialist

Published 24th March 2020

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