GP Connect coming to EEAST

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GP Connect is an NHS Digital Portal that will give life-saving information from GP’s patient records to EEAST crews at the roadside.

The web-based system, which is securely integrated with EEAST’s Electronic Patient Care Record (EPCR) systems, can be accessed directly by ambulance crews providing information that could assist with making life-saving decisions, including:

  • Patient Summary
  • Problems & Issues
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Referrals
  • Observations

When is GP Connect coming?
GP Connect is expected to be available by mid-March. There will be a phased roll out as the work to enable this functionality in all the GP practices within the EEAST region is on-going.

To get GP Connect enabled in all GP practices, there has been a substantial amount of engagement with the 19 CCGs. This has been very positively received by the CCGs and GP practices and Sector Leads at EEAST are looking forward to their crews having access to additional patient information to assist in making clinical decisions in patients’ best interests.

What happens next?
We are currently in the final stages of setting up the pilot area, there will then be a follow-up communication at the beginning of March to update the progress and sectors that have will have access to records and the date these will be available from.

Contact Information
To contact the GP Connect Project for more information, please email:

Published 28th February 2020

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