GP Feedback for inappropriate HCP referrals

Ambulance nurses to join EEAST

AOC and ECAT have been trialling GP feedback letters which are sent out GP Surgeries after a patient has informed us that they have received a Triage from an HCP (GP in hours) and were subsequently told to call 999.

EEAST have a dedicated HCP line for HCP’s to call when a patient either needs transport or immediate life/limb saving intervention. HCP calls are handled different by AOC and do not receive a call back from ECAT unless there are extended delays or clinical concerns.

Following on from the successful trial in AOC we are now extending the GP feedback scheme to Operational colleagues. We have created another template for when a HCP (GP in hours) makes a request for EEAST to attend a patient to undertake a clinical assessment where it would have been better placed for the referring clinician to complete the assessment (for example, via a home visit).

To request a GP feedback letter to be sent, please complete this form. Please ensure that all boxes have been completed as we may not be able to send the form if it isn’t fully complete.

Please note for GP Out of Hours or 111 calls please use the 111Review keyword with a reason as to why and these will be picked up by our 111Review team.

If you have any queries please email

Published 15th March 2021