GP trial in EOC

Bedford EOC 1

As you know, we are developing a new operating model for the Trust which will see us delivering care to patients in different ways, with a focus on providing more care in the community at the first point of contact; be that over the phone, referral to the right health service for their needs, or treatment on scene by a clinician. Key to this is the development of regional integrated clinical hubs in our EOCs. 

We are working closely with commissioners over how we develop our clinical hubs and this work is well underway –we have already increased the number of clinicians in EOC and we expect to see a greater number of 999 calls being managed over the phone in the coming months.  

Our vision is to see a clinical hub which has access to a range of clinicians and specialists. We have therefore taken this as an opportunity to review the GP trial, which we launched last year, to better understand what worked well, what didn’t work so well and what we can develop for the future.  This will help us ensure that the GP role is a sustainable and integral element of our new model and hubs going forwards. 

Whilst we carry out this review, there will be a short pause in the GP in EOC scheme from 1st June. We recognise that it is a key element of our new clinical hubs, but we need to make sure we get it right and that it fits with all the clinical elements going forwards. In the short term, from 1st June, advice for crews will be managed through the clinical advice line, however this will not be staffed by a GP. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who set up and was involved in this trial, your hard work and commitment has helped shape how our clinical hubs will look. We’ll keep colleagues updated through Need to Know of when the GP element of the regional integrated clinical hub is re-established. 

Dr Tom Davis

Acting Medical Director

Published 26th May, 2016

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