Guidance during purdah

Election photo 2019

As you will be aware, we are now in a pre-election period, also referred to as ‘purdah’, which will end once a government has been formed, on or after 13th December 2019.

During this period specific restrictions are placed on the use of public resources and the communication activities of public bodies, civil servants and local government officials. 

The pre-election period is designed to avoid the actions of public bodies detracting from or influencing election campaigns. The restrictions imposed by NHS England NHS Improvement apply in all cases, other than where postponement would be detrimental to the effective running of the local NHS, or wasteful of public money. 

It is essential that EEAST staff and volunteers behave impartially towards all candidates and political parties, and do not influence the election outcomes, whether inadvertently or intentionally.

The principles underpinning the guidance issued by NHS England NHS Improvement are detailed in the PDF below. Please read carefully.

Published 12th November 2019


pdfPurdah Guidance (0.12 MB)

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