Guidance for low risk fumes on ambulances

Blurred ambulance

After reports from another Trust of ‘smokeless fumes in Mercedes vehicles’, our fleet teams have fully investigated the issue and can confirm the following:

  • A small number of vehicles checked so far have been found with a defect on an exhaust component, which under extreme circumstances may lead to an escape of low risk exhaust gases into the engine bay. These vehicles have been repaired and all other affected vehicles are being checked for this component issue
  • A rubber sealing grommet fitted to the engine bay bulkhead has also been found to have perished over time; these again are being replaced on the vehicles
  • Any build-up of exhaust gases within the engine bay would take place over a long period of time and only when the engine is running, and the vehicle is stationary for that period of time.

If in the unlikely event of any fumes entering the cab, you would see other vehicle running issues such as loss of power and an increase in engine noise. If you do experience an abnormal diesel or exhaust smell within the cab, open the cab windows to provide ventilation.

You will need to either switch off the engine if parked and ventilate the cab (remember to shut the communication window), or if driving, open the cab windows to provide adequate ventilation.

Please report the event to Fleet via normal channels and on DATIX. This information is available on East24.

Published 22nd June, 2017

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