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As a category 1 responder, the world that we live in presents us with many challenges to plan for.

Part of being prepared for some of those challenges, is our response to an incident involving potentially hazardous substances and how we can help those affected during the early stages of this type of incident.

By providing members of the public with very clear instructions as to what to do, may well save their lives. This includes directing people involved or nearby away from a source of contamination and advising how they can help themselves to undertake improvised decontamination to remove the contaminant and reduce the effects of exposure.

Resilience Manager, Steve Brant said “I’d like to raise awareness and encourage all frontline staff and officers to familiarise themselves with the Remove, Remove, Remove guidance which simplifies the Initial Operational Response (IOR) policy issued by the Home Office in 2015 and is relevant for any hazardous substance exposure, not just a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) incident.

“The simplified guidance, which compliments the STEPS 123+ process, provides a set of early self-help actions relevant to any potential hazardous substance incident including acid attacks, which are easier to remember, can be rapidly undertaken and consistently applied by all emergency services.”

“If you suspect a deliberate or accidental exposure to a hazardous substance, acid attack or something simply doesn’t look or feel right - remain at a safe distance, upwind and if possible uphill from any suspected source or persons exposed, apply the Remove, Remove, Remove principles in the guidance below and request specialist support within your METHANE report.”

If you need any further information, please contact your local resilience manager or visit NARU website to view the an Initial Operational Response video.

Colleagues will also receive an aide memoir attached with their payslips next month (May).

Published 26th April 2019

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