HealthAssure - Change to the location for new evidence

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Previously on Need to Know we advised of the coming switch off of the Trust's P:Drive.  Further to this, the current P:drive HealthAssure folders will be moving over to the S:drive.

The Clinical Quality team have been transferring folders and subfolders over to the new location and as of 10th December (Monday) please ensure you do not add any new evidence to the HealthAssure folder/s on the P:drive (P:\HealthAssure).

The new location is: S:\Clinical Quality\Health Assure

Users will be notified once the folders have been copied to the new S:Drive so that they can start updating this going forward.

If your folder has already been moved and you are already updating the new HealthAssure folder on the S: Drive, please continue to do so.

Published 12th December 2018

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