Heaps of praise for ambulance service in latest survey

Ambulance side shot

The compliments were coming in thick and fast for all of you following the service you provided to patients in April.

In total, 100 people responded to our patient experience survey with almost 97% either satisfied or very satisfied with the overall service they received.

We also saw 100% satisfaction levels in both the cleanliness of equipment used and that we treated patients with dignity and respect.

A patient from East Norfolk said: “To quote the saying ‘you cannot improve on perfection’ as I cannot find anything the crews could have done better. I am full of admiration for all of them.”

Whilst a respondent from Mid Essex said: “There is no improvement needed, I was very happy with the care I saw given.”

We also saw other high scoring areas which included your attitude, which 99% felt was very professional; the way you handled their calls, which almost 96% felt was either acceptable or very acceptable; and service expectations, which almost 95% felt either met or exceed theirs.

Sandy Brown Director of Clinical Quality and Nursing said: “My thanks go to our staff and volunteers for their continued high levels of care and quality to all of our patients – something that is reflected in another set of high survey scores.

One patient from North Bedfordshire said: “The crews were very professional, I don’t think I could have been treated any better.”

Areas of improvement included the length of time patients waited for an ambulance, with 91.5% finding it as very acceptable, fairly acceptable, or acceptable. In addition to comfort of their journey, with almost 9% feeling it needed improvement.

Published 13th July, 2017


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