Help improve access to NIHR data for researchers and the public


The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) wants to make it easier for researchers and the public to share and access research data and information.

The NIHR wants to understand why certain websites aren’t easy to use, ensure they provide the right and relevant information and enable collaboration when sharing information.

They would like…

  • Clinicians
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Medical professionals
  • Medical researchers
  • Social care professionals

… who are interested in research to share their experiences of using online NIHR resources. They are looking for volunteers to interview to provide feedback about a website and share their interest in research and medical treatments.

For further information and to indicate your interest, please fill this short (10mins) questionnaire.

If you are selected, the research agency “Research Helper” will be in touch to schedule your interview. They will be taking place on 13th, 14th & 15th April between 9.30-4.30 via Zoom and they will last no longer than one hour.


Published 1st April 2021