Help us promote CPR this Valentine's Day

An introduction to CPR

This Valentine's Day, we're promoting the importance of learning the basics of CPR and we need your help.

Vikki Darby, Commercial Training Officer and Paramedic here at EEAST, has helped us produce 3 short clips each detailing how to do three different types of CPR; hands-only, mouth to mouth and using a defibrillator. We have also created a longer version, combining these three clips into one 6-minute-long video.

Vikki said: “Throughout my career it has been a rare day when I have arrived on scene to find someone doing CPR, so there is much we can do to turn these statistics around and support each other in our survival from a cardiac arrest."

Vikki also emphasised the difference it can make to a patient’s survival if the person giving CPR is able to access an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

She said: “Just by doing CPR alone it is possible to double the persons chances of survival and by using an AED with CPR this continues to give that person an increased chance of survival. The patient will have a 70% chance of survival if defibrillation happens within three minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest."

Although we will be sharing these on our own social media platforms, it would be a great help if you would be able to help us share this message on your own social media channels so we can help as many people as possible learn CPR and do our part in helping to increase the survival rate of cardiac arrest patients. 

You can view all of the videos we have put together, with the help of Vikki, on our YouTube channel here.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our EEAST colleagues!💚

Published on Thursday 14th February 2019


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