How the Hepatitis B shortage will affect you

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A global shortage of Hepatitis B vaccinations will result in changes to how EEAST staff get their immunisation.

As a result of the shortage, PAM - the Trust’s occupational health providers - has adopted a risk-based approach to delivering the vaccinations based on advice from Public Health England.  The approach is based on clinical risk, the role of staff and the likelihood of exposure, and current stock.

The only noticeable change for the Trust is a prolonged interval between vaccinations and boosters, and that it will not be offering the vaccination to CFRs during this period.

Staff may notice their expected vaccine may be delayed - do not be concerned as you will be recalled when appropriate.

Frontline staff are asked in the meantime to be aware of the sharps policy, have had current sharps training and ensure appropriate use of PPE if the risk of a needlestick injury is increased.

Should you have a bloody or body fluid exposure incident, follow the Trust’s process as you may then require a Hepatitis B booster.

The shortage is expected to last until the end of the year.

Published 31st August, 2017

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