Your feedback wanted on the new ePCR iPad scheme


We’ve received a number of questions as a result of the recent announcement that iPads will be replacing the existing Electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR) system. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

We’ve responded to each question with the information we have now (as this is a developing project) on our FAQ (below).

You can also watch a video of our answers here.

Please keep commenting on our ePCR communications! We’ll be regularly providing more answers to your questions and updating our FAQ.

We also want your views to help shape the training programme for the iPads.

Effective training can transform a complex task into something simple. We also recognise ineffective training or lack of training can cause more problems than it solves, leaving learners feeling confused or uncertain.   

We know there is a love/hate relationship with using ePCR on the Toughbooks. With the ePCR replacement rollout happening in the coming months, we want to ensure we fully understand everyone’s training needs. Not just for ePCR, but also any other needs in using an iPad.   

This is your opportunity to let us know what works, what doesn’t work, any knowledge gaps and your confidence in using the current ePCR training -  and the support you need and want.  

This short survey has just thirteen multiple choice questions and the more responses we receive, the bigger the improvements we can implement.  

The survey closes midnight September 29th.  

Published September 21st 2020



pdfePCR FAQs (0.14 MB)

Hi Helen, the iPads will come with a case that has completed manufacturer 2M drop tests.

Other accessories are still to be confirmed.

Internal Communications
28 September 2020

Would it be possible for staff to have access to Siren Web to view previous ambulance attendances? It is often really useful to be able to compare history and observations and can often assist decision making and admission avoidance.
27 September 2020

On the new siren software will there be the possibility to upload pictures of pt injury or scene of rtc to document the injuries and MOI.

Or as these will be trust approved device are we able to take the pictures to show A&E teams so they can see the injuries we have treated or covered or damage to vehicles the pt were involved with.

At present we do our best to describe them but are not permitted under trust policy to do this on our personal devices.

26 September 2020

Great, been waiting for this for some time! It’s a positive step forward, embracing technology to improve:
- information available to clinicians,
- the portability
- potentially data entry
- access to IT

I presume all the useful apps like MiDoS, TOXBASE, Covid protect care record, BNF will be available? Also would it be possible to get Sytmone access for those of us that use it?

Maybe not feasible for roll out, but an idea for future! Could the drug book, be incorporated into an online database, so that when a drug is administered, it’s automatically removed from the corresponding drug bag/book? This would save duplicating work. Not easy to set up, but it would improve medicines management and time on scene/ at hospital.

Well done so far, look forward to rollout!

25 September 2020

Every interaction I've had with iPads has emphasised that these are not robust devices. Is it planned to issue standard iPads? Have these been drop tested in any way? I'm concerned that these items will not be secured on vehicles/ scenes, will not have any protection and will not last.
24 September 2020

If these iPad's are given out individually, within the new epcr will there be a link to have the paperwork shared with your colleague who you are on shift with if working on dsa?. At present it logs both parties onto the toughbook so both linked to documentation of each cad.
24 September 2020

Why is it that storage of these new devices seems not to have been thoroughly planned before acquisition?
How will the usage of these 'smooth-skinned' devices affect those with less nimble fingers, more used to a 'moving' keyboard?
As the i pads are used individually, and, presumably, will link user to the patient attended by that particular clinician, can this then be used as an assessment tool for that clinician?
I can see how the pads will be more ipc, with less 'germ-hiding' crevices and, of course, they should be more user friendly with up to date software and technology. Will they be facial recognition and/or fingerprint recognition enabled (probably a problem in our current gloved and masked environment).
What is the battery life/reliability/ robustness of these devices in our work environment? (has this been trialed).
Would we be required to download a contact-tracing app?

24 September 2020

Will we be provided with Bluetooth or plug in keyboards? Free typing in an iPad is an absolutely nightmare without one.
Particularly with patients discharged at home I find it is imperative to “free type” worsening advise etc

24 September 2020

I bank work for Secamb as well - we've been on ipads for the past year, with cleric epcr - the same provider as the cad system in secamb land.

My experience is the ipad is easier to use, charge, and you can have more than one person on a case at the same time, so one can be doing obs whilst the other is in the other room doing next of kin at say a role.

In secamb land, the ipad is your personal issue, so you can have whatever you want on it app wise, as long as you are sensible. Also makes jrcalc easy to use as one crew member can have say page for age up whilst the other uses epcr.

As long as eeast IT set things up correctly, then its a breeze. Ours auto logon to wifi at stations, standby points, and hospitals are being added as well, so you dont use 4g all the time. IT proactively monitor battery use, so if you have a battery thats starting to give up, they email you and do a swap to a brand new unit.

24 September 2020

When you consider that we are entering probably the most difficult 6 months ever anticipated (due to covid), would it not be wise to delay this rollout until next year?
23 September 2020

Hi - two questions....

1. will we be issued with Bluetooth keyboards for data entry?
2. Will the iPads be set up with (or we get given) station WiFi passwords?

Many thanks


22 September 2020

Will every clinical member of staff be allocated an iPad? What about Bank members or agency staff?
22 September 2020

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