“I simply wouldn’t be here without them”

Dr Walters

A retired GP has issued a heartfelt message of thanks to the medics – including crews from Trust – who saved his life after he was struck by a train.

Dr Morgan Walters, who lives in Bedfordshire, was involved in the accident in June 2020 after becoming severely depressed following a number of issues, including the death of his father and after receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis.

When crews arrived at the scene, they were surprised to find Dr Walters sitting up on the railway track and quickly called for back up from the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) and the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA). They worked together to stabilise him as much as possible before he was transferred to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, where he spent the next seven months receiving treatment and rehabilitation for a number of injuries, including a significant head injury and left leg amputation.

Dr Walters is now able to live independently and has returned to the home he shares with his wife Nikki. Recently, the couple were able to meet the medics who saved him during a reunion at Kempston Ambulance Station – and are now keen to raise awareness of their work and all-important funding.

“The crews who attended on that day saved my life and I feel I owe them a great debt,” said Dr Walters, who is now writing an account of his experience of depression and the treatment he received so that he can help others.

“I simply wouldn’t be here without them and would like to raise awareness of their work and the fantastic care which I have received all through my journey.

“I would also like to do what I can to raise funds for EEAST and EAAA, especially as the air ambulance does not receive any funding directly from the Government and is very much dependent on the good will of the public.”

Mrs Walters added: “I will be eternally grateful that due to the interventions of staff from EEAST, HART, EAAA and the hospitals that my husband is still with us. Thank you does not seem to go far enough to show my admiration for everyone.”

Craig Borrett, EEAST’s Assistant General Manager for north Bedfordshire, arranged the meet up. He said: “I was overwhelmed with a sense of pride learning how the team worked so well together for such a successful outcome.

“Mental health issues can affect any of us, so I would urge people who are facing difficulties to seek help from friends, colleagues, managers, primary care and other support services.”

EEAST’s Employee Assistance Programme offers advice and guidance on legal, financial or health and wellbeing issues to any member of staff and is available free and in confidence on 0808 196 2374.

24 hour ‘in crisis’ telephone support for employees who are in distress, considering self-harm or suicidal thoughts is also available by calling 0808 196 2370.

Published 11th June 2021