"I'd never felt so ill in my life" - Maya

Maya Wisbey

In the midst of flu season and #jabathon week, our very own Maya Wisbey, Assistant General Manager (AGM) at Stevenage, shares her experience of catching flu and the importance of having the jab to protect yourself, your family and patients:

“It happened a few years ago now, when I was an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

I was one of those people that had never truly had the flu and thought of it as just a really bad cold. I was relatively fit and healthy and didn't see the point in a flu jab, as I thought it was for the elderly or those with health problems.

Then I got the flu. I have no idea where I picked it up from - I couldn't remember being out to, or knowing of, anyone with flu like symptoms.

I'd never felt so ill in my life. I couldn't physically get out of bed for three weeks, and literally had to use a bucket by the bed for a toilet. I ached from head to toe, I had hallucinations, my temperature was all over the place, I couldn't sleep, I felt sick if I ate and, sorry there's no polite way of putting this, I was constantly coughing up what can only be described as a "green mayonnaise-like” substance. This was the sign that I'd developed a severe chest infection and was on antibiotics for a month, before it finally started to clear up. Unfortunately, the damage was done and now every time I have even a mild cold, it develops into bronchitis.

I can truly say I will never miss a flu jab again and, in hindsight, wish I'd taken the offer up in the first place.”

Don’t be that person – get your #jabdone. Find your nearest clinic on NTK and East24.

It’s not too late to get involved in #jabathon this week:        

  • Take a selfie (or get someone to take a photo of you)
  • Upload to Twitter
  • Tag @eastenglandamb and @EEASTwellbeing
  • Add #JabDone #Jabathon

Still not convinced? Hear what our fountain of knowledge, aka Director of Clinical Quality and Improvement, Tracy Nicholls, has to say in this video. 

Please remember: everyone is expected to complete the consent forms this year, whether you have the jab or not.

Published 16th October 2019

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