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On Wednesday 9th September we published an update to our COVID-19 guidance, which included an article regarding the wearing of face masks within operational vehicles. This guidance was updated in error, as we are still awaiting confirmation from the Government with regards to their latest update.

We have now removed any incorrect documents and will update again as directed by the Government to do so.

The Trust position remains that staff are required to wear a surgical facemask when they are unable to maintain the 2-metre social distancing, or have other control measures in place, this includes within vehicles. This is to help reduce the risk of transmission and protect you and your colleagues.

We apologise for any confusion and would like pass on our thanks to those who commented on the update article.

Please refer to the Covid-19 update page for our current guidance, and in particular, the Working Safely Document.

Published 11th September 2020

I'm sorry if Elliot J finds it "quite ridiculous" in relation to the wearing of a mask in the cab. Would it still be ridiculous if he or his colleague had an underlying health issue ? After all it is impossible to socially distance in the cab of an Ambulance. However I do wonder if anyone has looked at the possibility of a plastic screen between driver and attendant. Although there's probably legal reasons as to why not. Me and my colleagues will often wipe down in the cab of the vehicle (even in pre-Covid days) especially the steering wheel and touch points such as door handles. It just seems like good working practice to me especially prior to a crew change or if you've just dealt with an infectious patient.
17 September 2020

If we view the use of face masks in cabs as a proportionate response to increased risk then this leads to a simple question: Why now?
The risks of crew transmission is still low- the case per 100,000 of population remains low compared with PST values.
Why not use these as a response to very high case rates?

17 September 2020

Would a more sensible solution for those that wear glasses, be for the passenger only to wear a mask if absolutely necessary? Therefore removing the safety issue of steamed up glasses and distractions whilst driving but also providing enhanced protection in a sensible and practicable manner. I have tried anti-fog solution pn my glasses and it doesn't work! Poor sighy is a medical condition and is exempt! I know a lot of people who are considering the safety aspects of actually driving on blue lights with clear safety repercussions for themselves and for the public. Trust policy does not and never will overide the law! If we are going to abide by safe measures then surely we should address the issue of frequent different crewmates, meal breaks with multiple people present, vehicle cleaning etc.
17 September 2020

I find it quite ridiculous to even suggest wearing a mask all day long while sitting with your colleague driving around the County. Do we also have to wear gloves in the cab of the vehicle as well, seeing as we are touching the steering wheel etc? Or do we have to deep clean the front or the ambulance whenever we switch seats? maybe we should just erect a plastic window between the driver/passenger seat? And obviously fully deep clean the front of the vehicle between every seat change.
Elliot J
11 September 2020

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