Important notice: Removal of ePCR OOS code trial

From 3rd June, you will no longer be able to book out of service (OOS) for the Electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR). ePCR will now be completed within your job cycle time (JCT) – this being the total time associated with each patient contact.

Why are we removing the EPCR OOS code?

  1. ePCR OOS was originally introduced to allow crews additional time to complete the patient record when tough books and ePCR were first introduced as this was a new process and technology within the Trust. As this is now standard practice and embedded across the trust, it is no longer needed.
  2. Creation of a patient care record is a natural part of the patient journey and fits best within the JCT.
  3. This will bring us in line with national practice - other ambulance trusts complete ePCR as part of the JCT.
  4. The JCT can be managed more closely increasing the available capacity on the road to be able to respond to our patients.

What is best practice? 

You should aim to start completing your ePCR at the earliest possible time without delaying conveyance and ideally to complete it by the time you handover your patient. Unless there is active treatment or monitoring the ePCR should be being completed on the journey to hospital if the patient is conveyed. You should still aim to become available as quickly as possible and as a maximum within 15 minutes following your patient handover at hospital (known as the handover to clear time). If handover is delayed, ePCR and other essential tasks should be completed where possible enabling you to become available after handover has occurred.

What if you need more time?

If you have a particularly complex patient and need more time, please contact PVSH on Channel 20 to inform them of your request as soon as possible after handing over.

Note that if you have completed handover and are still finalising ePCR beyond usual handover to clear time, we may contact you to respond to an outstanding C1 call if you are the best positioned crew to ensure a prompt response to our most critically ill patients.

Whilst there is a requirement to complete a patient care record and ideally at the earliest possible time, the Trust can confirm that it is acceptable for that to be interrupted if there is another potentially critically ill patient that needs a rapid response. The Trust will support you in completing your paperwork at a later time.


Published 23rd May 2019

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