Important notification regarding Adult Nebuliser Mask Kit

The Trust has been advised by Intersurgical of a possible fault with the below product.

Adult Nebuliser Mask Kit with tube

Lot Numbers: 32052973 / 32053276 / 32053524


The product within the packaging should be an Adult Ecolite Aerosol Nebuliser Mask with vents but in some instances could contain a similar mask without vents. The below images show the difference between the two types of mask.

Mask with vents

mask with vents


Mask without vents

The Trust has been advised to immediately quarantine all affected product codes and lot numbers listed above and do not use these devices. Please advise the Supplies Department of quantities held to enable a claim to be made against Intersurgical. If you have any queries please refer to your line management.

Published 23rd December 2020