Improvements in how we treat limb fractures

Fractured arm with plaster cast

The way we treat patients with single limb fractures has improved from February to July, according to the latest clinical performance report.

The records for 108 patients treated in July were submitted for audit and the following results for the care bundle were better than when assessed in February:

  • two pain scores were recorded for 74.1% of patients in July, compared to 64.4% in February
  • analgesia was recorded as given to 91.7% of patients in July, compared to 87.1% in February
  • immobilisation was recorded in 62% of patients in July, compared to 51.5% in February
  • assessment of circulation distal to fracture recorded was 75.9% in July, compared to 62.4% in February.

The overall administration of all care bundle elements was 49.1% in July, compared to 36.6% in February.

Whilst these results show a real improvement, it’s important we continue to deliver all elements of the care bundle for these patients with the aim of meeting the national clinical target. Please don’t forget to always document the reason if you cannot complete one of the elements of a care bundle.

The full report can be downloaded from this site.

Published 25th October 2014 

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