Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research

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Do you want to learn more about clinical research?

The next free, online NIHR MOOC 'Improving Healthcare through Clinical Research' course starts on the 7th October and is designed for anyone who wants to know more about modern healthcare, and the role of clinical research within it.

The course objectives are:

  • To reflect on what modern healthcare would look like without the benefit of past clinical research, and evaluate the state of future healthcare should there be a lack of further research.
  • To summarise roles within a clinical research team and identify the role of the patient in the process.
  • To explain the importance of reducing the possibility of bias when designing a clinical trial, and identify techniques which are designed to help do this.
  • To evaluate the rules, regulations and best practices involved in clinical research, and explain the three aims all researchers must consider within their work.
  • To identify the meaning of ‘respect’ within the context of clinical research.
  • To summarise the role of research ethics committees, and explain how their work is conducted.
  • To explore the process of how research is put into practice, and reflect on historical and present day approaches.
  • To evaluate the impact of the media in published research, and interpret media headlines by discussing examples.

The course is popular, with approximately 30,000 people studying this programme to date.

Although the course has a set start date, you can join and complete it after this date.

Further information and access to the course is via:

Published 18th September 2019

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