Inappropriate calls released

Emergency operations centre colleagues have been thanked for their involvement in the latest Trust video and media release.

Call handlers played a pivotal part in sending the communications team examples of inappropriate 999 calls in 2015.

The most inappropriate ones – including calls for a dead squirrel, sick dog and a woman locked out of her house – featured in a press release this week urging the public to use 999 wisely as part of our Right Call campaign.

A new video, featuring colleagues at Bedford EOC, also went online showing the public how we answer 999 calls, how resources are prioritised and why it is important not to make inappropriate calls, which you can watch below.

The audio from a caller who had witnessed a hit and run involving a squirrel in Essex was also released which will hopefully deter others from making hoax calls.

Adam Gretton, EEAST Media Officer, said: “We put the appeal out to staff earlier in the year to send us examples of inappropriate 999 calls and we received dozens of replies.

“We published eight of the most inappropriate calls this week, which along with the video from Bedford EOC, will help to educate the public about the importance of using 999 wisely.”

“I’d like to thank all the staff that embraced this project. Our Right Call campaign is ongoing, so if you come across similar calls in the future, please let the communications team know.”

Media coverage of the story:


Published 23rd April 2015 

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