Integrated Improvement Programme

The Programme Management Office (PMO) works with colleagues across the Trust to lead and support the management of projects which are vital to improving the quality of care we give to our patients. 

In a previous article we introduced QCIP’s, or Quality Cost Improvement Programmes, which are improvement projects led by the directorates and supported by the PMO that additionally provide cost savings.  Running alongside this, another big focus for the PMO team is the Integrated Improvement Programme (IIP).

What is the IIP and why do we need it?

Like all NHS Trusts, we must continuously improve. EEAST has always had a wide variety of ongoing projects running to improve, transform and adapt the way we deliver our services to patients and in response to the changing demands on the Trust

In addition, the size and scope of the Trust spread across six counties, has always presented a challenge to link and join up individual projects leading to some of them happening in isolation.

The IIP provides an oversight platform for all improvement and transformation projects, across all teams and directorates in EEAST. Bringing all improvement work onto the same platform improves visibility, reduces duplication, acknowledges inter-dependency and provides a level of governance, oversight and methodology.  It also ensures a focus on identifying clear indicators of improvement and the provision of evidence when this improvement has been achieved which can then be reviewed and provided to the Board for assurance.

Running since 2018, the IIP database lives within an Excel based document, within an MS Teams group, so it is constantly live and up to date. The PMO team manages the database and ensures it accurately reflects the improvement requirements of the Trust, support the action owners in keeping it up-to-date and use it to report on overall progress to groups, boards, and committees. 
The programme runs in 12-week cycles. At the end of each cycle, the PMO and each Trust Directorate have a review session to identify completed actions and prioritise those that require further work in order to continue the improvement of the team, group or directorate in question.

What’s in the IIP?

The IIP is broken down into a number of workstreams which mostly align with the Directorates or main teams in EEAST.  The following workstreams are in the current IIP:

  • Frontline A&E Operations
  • AOC (inc. ECAT, CFRs and TOC)
  • PTS (Patient Transport Services)
  • Clinical, Quality and Safety
  • Workforce
  • Education & Training
  • Governance & Well-Led
  • Finance and Commissioning
  • Estates, Fleet & Infrastructure
  • IM&T

In addition, there is also a CQC Action Plan tab, at the front of the IIP and focuses on some of the highest priority improvements required from our recent CQC inspections.

Each workstream has a set of key objectives which reflect the current priorities for improvement areas. Every objective then has a set of deliverables or actions that need to happen to achieve the objective.  Each deliverable/action has an owner, a due date, comments on progress, and, on completion, evidence of achievement.  If the deliverable/action is high-level, complex or requires further detailed actions to achieve it then another action plan may be sign-posted to it.

Each workstream can use their own section to report on their progress to committees or board when required. The whole IIP, including progress, achievements, risks and issues, is reported on quarterly to the Trust’s Transformation Committee.

For more information on the IIP or any other programmes managed by the PMO please e-mail the PMO and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Published 14th December 2020