Introducing Development

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The Development department, based within Informatics, are primarily responsible for managing the movement of data from various systems around the organisation into the Trust’s main data warehouse. From there, automated or self-service reports can then be generated for the Operations team.

IT is a rapidly evolving field and the Development department regularly reviews the latest practices and updates systems to provide better tools to staff.

One of the major changes they are currently working on is moving some of our datasets to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform. This change has many benefits including:

  • highly secure
  • more accessible
  • reduction in cost
  • quicker delivery
  • scalable to meet demand

Migration to the Cloud does present some technical difficulties, however, does data move from the  on-site CAD system to Azure as quickly as possible? If the data takes too long to send to the Cloud, any reporting carried out from that dataset will include out-of-date results.

The CAD system currently sends the Development team a dataset every two minutes. That information is then processed through a series of transformations and calculations before entering the on-site master data server. From there the data is then synchronised and stored in the Cloud.

This synchronisation, or transactional replication, is an automated data copying process which occurs almost in real-time, meaning it is an excellent solution for copying frequent database changes.

The Development team is still in the early stages of Cloud adoption, but it is already providing exciting new opportunities for data reporting within the Trust and will be a vital component of business intelligence provision going forward.

Published 29th June 2020

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