IT Service Desk Request Freeze

Computer update

The IT Service Desk will soon be launching their new IT ticketing system, powered by HALO ITSM

This will make it easier to log and update incidents (faults to your IT services) and requests (additional services you may require) and allow us to have greater visibility on the current status of outstanding tickets. The new system will go live before the end of the year and in time, the IT department hopes it will also house a comprehensive knowledgebase; with user guides, video tutorials and more.

In readiness for this change, the IT Service Desk will 'pause' providing Requests for a period of one week from 4th December to 11th December. Requests for the following services received during this time will not be actioned and will need to be requested when our new service goes live on 14th December.  

    • New Starter Account Creations
    • Changes to existing accounts, i.e. Adding people to shared drives, mailboxes, changing permissions
    • Processing new IT accessory orders i.e. webcams, headsets
    • Processing requests for new ePCR accounts
    • Processing new computer requests i.e. laptops and desktops
    • Processing new phone requests i.e. mobile phones, iPhones, desk phones

The new system will allow you to easily request standard IT services from a catalogue of items meaning you are not required to email the IT Service Desk. Your request can be logged on our new online portal which will provide you with a view of the standard services we provide, how long it will take for the request to be fulfilled and a dynamic view of the progress being made to deliver your request.

Therefore, if you have new employees joining the organisation in the time period of the pause, please can you ensure we are notified of this using the usual channel (link below) prior to the 4th December.

Similarly if you need anything that is not an immediate fix to a fault, but is required before 4th December, please request this now. It will not be actioned if received between the 4th and 11th December.

We will continue to provide fixes to faulty hardware or software during the pause so please do continue to contact the IT Service Desk should you have something that is not working as it is expected to do so.

We are aware that there may be a need for an urgent request to be raised during this period.  There will be an emergency process that will be activated once the pause is in effect.

Thank you for your co-operation during this time

IT Service Desk:
Bedford, Chelmsford, Norwich 4811
All other sites 03456 012509
Self-service portal: http://east24/servicedesk
Self-help: http://east24/support-services/IST/self-help.htm 

Published 2nd December 2020