IT update on the way: please save your data


The IT department will soon be carrying out a software refresh program, to remove any unsupported and unlicensed software and to refresh the operating system on equipment where necessary.

The team will also be supporting the Trust in moving towards a standardised browser, Internet Explorer 11, so installations of any other browsers will be removed.

Please ensure all data is saved in your home directory (N:drive for example), or the appropriate departmental directory (P:drive for example), so that there is no risk of data loss when a machine is refreshed.

Please remember that you are responsible for any data not stored on an official network drive, as stated in our Operational Security Policy. If you do not have a network drive, or are unsure of how to use one, please contact the IT Service Desk who will be happy to help you.

Please also ensure you copy your ‘favourites’ folder online to retain any internet shortcuts you’ve saved, and also note down any printers you use so they can be reinstalled. Again, the IT Service Desk will be able to give further guidance if you need some help.

You will be given as much notice as possible for the replacement of desktop computers to minimise the impact on Trust business. With almost 300 machines highlighted as needing refreshing, the IT team can be flexible as to when and where they visit over the course of the next few months. They’ll liaise with colleagues in advance as to the best time to refresh their machine.

Published 30th March, 2017

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