It’s back! Think Hypo-Think Referral

The Trust's Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) team are asking patient facing colleagues to ‘Think Hypo-Think Referral’ with the renewed Trust campaign to help patients who have had a hypoglycaemic episode.

A referral should be made to the SPOC team and an ‘Avoiding a Hypo’ booklet given to the patient who has experienced hypo and is being left at home after care. This means that their GP practice can be contacted and a follow up arranged to offer support to help better manage their condition.

Patients can choose to opt out of this referral but we’d always recommend that crews encourage strongly advise that this referral is made or agree the patient must contact their GP themselves so the can access more help.

Copies of the pocket card for crews and patient booklet can be viewed on the downloads below. 

Another batch of the patient booklets have been printed and distributed to stations for vehicles shortly - so please remember to think hypo, think referral.

Published 13th January 2020


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