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Please be aware that as from the 1st June, there have been some job title changes within the Operations team, to reflect where certain roles sit within the Chief Operating Officer’s Directorate, thus avoiding confusion in the escalation process and forming a team identity. They are as follows:

  • The Deputy Director of Service Delivery post for East, which was vacated by Karl Edwards, has been removed from the establishment list
  • The Deputy Director of Service Delivery roles have been renamed to Deputy Chief Operating Officers
  • The Deputy Director Business Support Managers have been changed to Deputy Chief Operating Officers Support Managers
  • The Sector Head role has been renamed to Head of Operations
  • Have removed the operational East and West split, giving six operational areas, and removed the dual running of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire localities
  • We will recruit to the vacant Head of Operations in Hertfordshire
  • We will recruit to a Head of Commercial Delivery for Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services

The renaming of the job titles will aid in respect of role and functions. This is important around identify of leaders within the structure and alignment of functions.

The removal of East and West localities, is designed to start to create an operational environment built upon sectors, creating a more streamlined communication process. It enables systems of working that mirror and creates a local and Trust view, without an East/West identify.

With these changes, then there is a need to modify the senior leadership roles to support, with a focus on development. As such, there is no identified longer term need to have a Deputy Director for East and West if these areas don’t exist. Instead, there is a need to build specific knowledge and skills set for Non-Emergency Patient Transport services. This would cover the region to support delivery, systems, processes and tendering.

The operational sectors for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire have been reviewed on its temporary arrangement of a shared sector head. In line with the direction of travel around changes to number of deputy directors, there is a need to recruit to this post. This provides improved focus and identify. It enables us to move away from East/West but importantly historic boundaries of previous ambulance trusts. 

Members of the Operations team discussed and reviewed the current job titles at our recent team meeting and found that they were no longer fit for purpose. It was recognised that there is an element of confusion surrounding where the Deputy Directors and Sector Heads sit, in relation to the recently newly named Chief Operating Officer post (formerly Director of Service Delivery).

The merger for East and West has been supported throughout operations, along with the establishment of a specific Non-Emergency Patient Transport Post.

If you do have any questions, then please contact me.

Best wishes, 


Published 12th July 2019

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