Join us for a Newborn Thermal Management Masterclass


Join us for a, 'Newborn Thermal Management Masterclass'.

Following on from our successful Maternity Masterclass which we held during World Patient Safety Week, we will be holding a masterclass on, Newborn Thermal Management (Thermoregulation) on the  21st October from 11:3- 13:00 via Teams.

This is a free to attend session and is available to all frontline staff members.

The session will be facilitated by Sara Davis, Practice Development Lead Nurse for the East of England Neonatal ODN.

The session will cover newborn thermal management for babies born unexpectedly at home or in an ambulance and include the following:

  • A refresher on the mechanics of heat loss
  • A look at preterm and term physiology in relation to thermal management
  • Adaptations to practice for babies born outside of the hospital setting
  • Case studies
  • An opportunity for discussion and shared learning.

 Follow this link to join or contact for an invite.

Published 5th October 2021