Kindness and beyond

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

The theme this year has been kindness: how simple acts of kindness can have huge psychological impact.  Kindness is not a subject that we think about often, nor relate to the workplace.  But hopefully you have seen the small, but potentially long-lasting effect, a small action can have: similar to the destruction caused by an unkind act, consider the same ripples – but from a kind action! How much better to live in a world where we all try to make things better.

Kindness can become a way of life: each act of kindness you give or take will change life for the better, and the ‘knock-on’ effect could be huge.  With this in mind, we are asking you to carry on being deliberately kind.  Continue to listen to your colleagues, seek to understand what they are saying, give more time to your kids or partner, speak to your family more (put devices down at meal-times?), volunteer in your community and be kind to yourself.

As the week draws to a close we want to hear from you. How has kindness touched you and, importantly, improved your overall wellbeing? We hear a lot about the big gestures, but what small things have really made a difference in your life? Maybe it was an unexpected thank you, or a cup of tea at the end of a really tough night. Remember, that person may not realise what a difference it made, and spreading the word might encourage others to do more of the same. Hear from recruitment’s Sheeba Shah about how kindness made a difference to her this Ramadan.

Get in touch either via the form at the end of this article, or by email to

Don’t forget to tell us how they made you feel; what impact they have had on you and, most importantly, how you intend to carry on being kind.

Let’s keep this going!

Be kind to yourself and each other.

Published 22nd May 2020

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