Knitting for our patients

Woolly hats

EEAST crews in Ipswich have been busy knitting for patients!

As the weather gets colder, we tend to see an increased number of call-outs to the elderly. Part of our care is to make sure patients are comfortable and warm.

To help keep our patients cosy, knitters in Ipswich have been busy knitting hats and twiddlemuffs.

For those not aware, people living with dementia often get restless hands and the comfort of having something to twiddle can help relieve this.The TwiddleMuff is a knitted hand muff, decorated with internal and external items, such as buttons and ribbons. They allow our patients living with dementia to twiddle whilst en route to hospital. They provide both visual and sensory stimulation whilst keeping their hands toasty!

Joanna Whelton, who has been instrumental in the crafting says, “The first batch of hats have kindly been made by knitters in Felixstowe and a large proportion by my mother-in-law! If there are any knitters out there who have time to help replenish stocks of either hats or twiddle-muffs we can supply a pattern.”

 The items are all new, in a sealed bag and single use. They should stay with the patient on their journey through the ED.   

 Thanks to all our staff and volunteers who have knitted for this great cause!

You can download the patterns below or contact Joanna for further information.

Published 4th December 2020


pdfTwiddleMuffs V2 (0.18 MB)