PTS and Commercial Call Handling exceed targets for 12 months

Call team celebrates

The PTS Call Handling team have turned around their performance to exceed their targets for 12 consecutive months

The Trust’s Commercial Contact Centre in Norwich manages the call handling service for PTS contracts.
From a position in February 2018 when they had to implement an Action Plan due to poor performance, they have now put improvements in place which have led to achieving and exceeding their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) every month since April 2018.

Over the past year, they have changed processes, benchmarked individual performance, and promoted a transparent and supportive culture, which has all aided their success.

Andrew Gay, Commercial Contact Centre Manager said that their target for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire PTS Patient line was for 95% of all calls to be answered within five minutes.

“We have now achieved on average 99% of all calls answered within five minutes for the past 12months, and the PTS HCP Line has an average of 97% of all calls answered within two minutes.

“For Cambridge PTS (both patient and HCP), our target was for 98% of calls to be answered within 60 seconds and at the end of the year we achieved an average answer speed of 18 seconds!”

He said similar performance had also been achieved across all areas, and with a high level of performance and KPI achievement in Commercial Contracts too:

“We have a vast range of KPI’s across all contracts and they have been difficult to consistently achieve. However, the team has worked so hard to attain this level of performance, while still delivering high service quality. At times we’ve relied on their goodwill to work overtime, and we have some great bank staff who have come in at short notice to alleviate high demand.

“A huge thank you goes out to the Contact Centre team and congratulations on a great achievement!”

Gary Morgan, Deputy Director of Service Delivery for Operation Centres also added his congratulations: "We shouldn't underestimate the hard work that has gone in to deliver such excellent performance levels over a year and the positive impact this has on patients and other callers. 

"Thank you to the whole team for your commitment and provision of a great service."

 Published 8th April 2019

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