Labelling GlucaGen

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Prior to reconstitution, GlucaGen has a shelf life of 36-months.

This is based on it being stored at a temperature of 2-8°C (in a refrigerator), as per the manufacturer guidance. Within the Trust however, GlucaGen is not stored in such a controlled environment, which means we have to place an expiry date of 18-months from the date it was removed from the refrigerator.

An example: if you received delivery of GlucaGen on the 26/04/2016, your expiry label would be marked as 25/10/2017.

Remember, the amended expiry date must never extend the manufacturer expiry date. You should find a label on the GlucaGen packaging indicating the use by date (or the expiry if it’s within 18-months of removal from refrigeration).

It should be stored in the original packaging in order to protect it from light.

Should you find a product without a label, please contact your DLO who can get labels from stores.

Published 19th May, 2016

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