LAMP testing available in Norfolk


A way to make sure you are protecting yourself and your patients as Covid-19 cases rise across the country, is to regularly take asymptomatic tests and make sure you have your Covid booster jab and flu jab. More information on how to book both vaccines can be found here. 

Asymptomatic test has been made much easier for those with access to a LAMP test in Norfolk.

You can now drop-off your LAMP test kits at the below locations-

King’s Lynn Ambulance Station

Cromer Ambulance Station

Longwater Ambulance Station

Waveney Ambulance Station

Diss Ambulance Station

Hellesdon AOC building

QE King’s Lynn


LAMP stands for ‘Loop-mediated isothermal amplification’ which, in plain language, is a highly accurate, fast and simple-to-use asymptomatic test to identify those staff with Covid-19 which helps to stop the spread of the virus.

LAMP test kits are supplied on station and is a once weekly saliva test, generally taken in the morning before travelling to work. All you need to do is spit 1ml of saliva into a container which has a barcode on it. You scan this code using an app - or you can input onto a desktop/laptop, if preferred. The sample is then dropped at your station or hospital at a drop-off point where the sample is collected and the results are returned to you from the lab by e-mail or text on the same day.

These tests are so accurate that a PCR is not required to confirm Covid-19 but health staff have been requested to continue this for genome sequencing purposes in order to understand the type and spread of the variants.

You may ask, why am I doing this now? NHS staff are at the forefront of fighting this virus and a third of us with Covid-19 do not display any symptoms and can infect people unknowingly. Please help us to identify positive cases more quickly and break chains of transmission by joining us in this trial.

If you are interested, please email – who will email you the instructions and information.

Want to know more about LAMP testing? Have a look at this video featuring EEAST's Chris Spears, EOC Duty Manager.

As LAMP testing develops, news of opportunities for your sector will be published. In the meantime, please continue with LFT asymptomatic testing.

Published 21st October 2021