Late finishes trial starts today

Late finishes trial

The late finishes trial is planned to take place from Midday today (Thursday 19th April) ending 8.00am the morning of Sunday 22nd April.  This will cover weekday, weekend and overnight shifts during this time and run across the region.   

Two main areas were identified for potential trial:

 1. Revised EOC Deployment (using “local” geographical areas and shift time)

The principles of this methodology is the gradual shrinking of the area a resource can respond to commencing at four hours from the end of shift period. In other words, an emphasis on the planning of resource deployment to return towards the local area in advance of the current one hour “end of shift period”. The principle throughout this proposal is that a resource can be deployed to a Category 1 or Hot 1 back up (normally life or limb threatening scenarios) at any time during this period when available. 

2. “Task and finish” allocation

To supplement option 1, the introduction of a “task and finish” concept whereby:

  • Resources can be tasked within their last 90 minutes to incidents (with no restriction on category) that would allow them to complete the call prior or as close as possible to their end of shift. The tasking should be agreed between crew and dispatcher.
  • On completion of this “task and finish” incident the resource would return to the base station in preparation for shift change.
  • Whilst mobile to the “task and finish” incident the resource can be diverted to any appropriate higher priority call (for example Category 1, 2 or Hot 1 back up)
  • If returning (or back on base) post completion of the ‘“task and finish” incident but still within working hours then the resource can be deployed to a Category 1 or Hot 1 back up

Each EOC desk has details of the operational crews deployment zones to assist them in identifying these towards the end of the shift. There will also be specific guidance on how to deploy during this part of the shift and how to deploy using the ‘Task and Finish’ criteria.

An ESOP has also been produced for use during the trial which will replace the current ESOP 22 'Cross border deployment' and the current end of shift ESOP 01 for the duration of the trial period.

We must ensure we look after the welfare and needs of our patients and this new trial will assess the impact on staff and patients. We will continue to look for new ways to improve the situation around late finishes for crews. If you have any thoughts, feedback or comments on this trial, or ideas on how we might look at further improvements, please continue to leave your comments below.

Please see our FAQ sheet for further details

Late Finishes Trial FAQ 0.3

Further information including local dispatch area reference sheets can be found on the dedicated East24 pages here:


Please also fill in our surveys for your team below:


Published 19th April 2018

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