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The Trust is working with a staff group and in partnership with UNISON to find a new way of trying to reduce the instances and duration of late finishes. 

We’ve listened and recognise late finishes is a significant issue and that new ideas must be explored to get a better position for staff.

Fundamental to a long-term solution is the reliance on increased operating capacity through more funding. The resolution to this is in the hands of the Independent Service Review.  

In the early stages of ARP implementation, we started to see some early signs of improvement. However, over the past weeks a significant rise in demand and handover delays has been experienced, which has resulted in further travelling time and distance and impacts on our ability to get to patients and get staff home on time.

The Trust does not believe it should describe itself as having borders, but fully recognises there is a reasonableness about the distance and time travelled in response to non-life-threatening emergencies.

The Trust believes there should be a form of radius of working, particularly towards the end of shift. It also recognises the borders of the three legacy Trusts are too big to be effective in some cases due to their geographical size.

We are working on alternative options with EOC and the operations staff working group regarding the approach to the geographical deployment of resource throughout a whole shift.

We fully recognise the perception that since border protection was removed, that late finishes have risen.

Following discussions with staff and with UNISON the Trust has taken the decision to temporarily put back in place cross border arrangements for EOC. 

This means crews will not normally be deployed outside of their EOC area, except where it is believed there is a risk of harm to patients. This is defined as C1, C2 and Hot 1 back-ups, or where a specific patient safety concern has been identified.

We hope to try a new and improved approach over the coming weeks to replace the above temporary arrangements and will keep you informed.

Published 23rd January, 2018


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