Lateral Flow Testing Programme: Update

LFT Testing

Initial staff take-up of the Lateral Flow (asymptomatic) Tests has been extremely encouraging, with minimal positive tests being reported. This is a credit to all EEAST staff as that means we are all working collectively to look after each other and our patients.

There’s still time to take part in the testing programme.
The twice-weekly tests for COVID-19 tests are simple and painless to take, can be completed at home, and can help protect you and your family.
If you would like to signup for a 12-week programme of testing, please contact your local testing lead.

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 (even if you have had a negative LFT) please contact your manager or COVID Lead to seek support and Track and Trace your contacts as soon as you experience symptoms - even if this is a rest day.

As we’re rolling the programme out across the organisation, we are noting any issues people have and making improvements and suggestions to make testing simpler and more efficient.

Specimen ID
The Microsoft form linked to the QR code on each test has been changed.
We are now recording the individual test cartridge number and not the lot number as most of the lot numbers are the same but test cartridge number is unique.
The test cartridge number is located below the QR code as shown in this picture.

Opening the lid on the fluid container
When opening the lid on the fluid it can open in two ways: the correct way is to open the small dropper lid (the top one).
However, you can also  unscrew the whole lid leaving it open meaning you pour too much fluid out. This has happened to a few staff, so we are flagging this for your information.

Placing the swab in the tube
When placing the swab into the tube remember to squeeze the tube to get the fluid off the swab. 
If you do not do this, it absorbs the fluid and you are not left with two drops to pour on to the test strip.

 To find out the latest about the testing programme, please go to the Testing Home Page.

Published 1st December 2020