Latest pulse survey results

Pulse survey graphic

Many thanks to all of you who took part in the latest PULSE survey, which was circulated in May.

You can take a look at the results here, we’ve summarised them into an infographic so you can easily see where we are improving and where we still have more work to do.

It is really encouraging that, compared with previous surveys, so many more of you know who to speak up to and more of you also believe that we are taking positive action on health and wellbeing.  

We will be giving you lots of opportunities throughout the rest of the year to share your feedback. In addition to the usual PULSE surveys, this year we also have the harassment survey at regular intervals, which is part of the European Human Rights Commission (EHRC) action plan, and the national NHS staff surveys which will be going quarterly starting next month.

Although each survey takes time to complete, they are all equally important and they really do give us a good indicator of how we are progressing and where we need to focus more effort. I would ask all of you to please take the time to fill in each of these surveys and give us your feedback in this way, as your views are really the key to making the progress we all want to see within our organisation.

Please keep sharing your thoughts with us. Change takes time, but we will get there together.                   

Published 17th June 2021