Launch of the Value Awards

Value Awards

The Trust is packed full of staff, volunteers and managers who exemplify our values and we want you to get more recognition for the great things you do.   

Dave Tamarro, Senior Locality Manager for Bedfordshire has spearheaded a staff recognition scheme aligned to the Trust values - Care, Teamwork, Quality, Respect and Honesty. The Trust is piloting the scheme in Bedfordshire for the rest of June and July rolling out to the west locality throughout August.  

Dave said; “It will take time to test, however, we want people to be properly recognised for the efforts they go to in supporting each other, patients and innovation.” 

Staff based in Bedfordshire can submit nominations for team members who are a great example of living and working by the Trust values. At the end of each month, nominations will be judged by a panel made up of the SLM, an emergency operations administrator and a volunteer local staff member. 

Those nominated for and found to have exemplified one of the Trust values will be awarded the first badge - a white pin badge with the Trust values on it. When staff are recognised as great examples of two values, they can then be awarded a black badge. There are then bronze, silver and gold badges as people are identified by their colleagues as examples of all the Trust values. 

Simon King, Sector head for Bedfordshire and Luton, said: “It is a cracking idea and I believe it will go a small way to giving our thanks to the staff. I see the compassionate and quality care that people give; the teamwork and respect they give each other, our partners and patients. It will be something to be able to show that on their uniforms too.  The scheme will be open to all staff across the Trust ultimately and I especially like it because staff will be the main source of nominations for their colleagues.  The people you work closely with know you best and when they appreciate what you do, that means a lot.”

In August, the scheme will be rolled-out across the west locality. Those spearheading the scheme will then look forward to receiving feedback before the Trust leadership decides about making it a permanent addition to the recognition systems.

Nominations can be made HERE or by using one of the nomination cards in local stations in pilot areas. A printable document is available from the EEAST24 pages. We look forward to receiving nominations and we hope that staff encourage the scheme so it can be rolled out throughout the Trust.

See this short film for more details If you have problem with playback click here to see the film


Published 20th June 2018

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