Leadership Message from Darya Wotherspoon

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I hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend, and perhaps even managed to get a bit of a break over the summer months. I know that many were working over this bank holiday, in some extremely warm weather, so thank you for continuing to provide such excellent care to our patients in these challenging conditions. 

We are not quite there yet but we are now rapidly moving towards another winter, with all the normal challenges that it brings. This year, we will have the added pressure of EU Exit on the 31st October, which is proving interesting reading in the press. So, are we prepared for the challenges ahead?

When people talk about emergencies, we all tend to think of tragic events, such as the attacks on London and Manchester. As an “Emergency Service”, we are all well versed in how to respond to a major incident and being prepared for the worst. Yet, what if we looked at things in a wider context?

"Being prepared is not just for those headline grabbing disasters; power cuts, gas leaks, fires and road closures, for example. Emergencies can and do happen every day, this is where business continuity planning comes in."

Business continuity is a Trust wide activity, with every employee responsible for ensuring that we can continue to deliver our services to our patients, during any type of disruption. As the business continuity manager, it is my responsibility to ensure that the Trust has the right plans in place and that all of us are aware of our own business continuity arrangements.

Back in June, the leadership message came from Jon Moore and in it he spoke about “how often we call upon our business continuity to keep our service running and how much each of us digs into that next level of resilience to continue moving forwards”. Business continuity is embedded in everything we do and I will be working to ensure that everyone is as prepared as possible, for both organisational and personal resilience.

Next week marks the start of “Preparedness Month” and the launch of the 30 days 30 ways awareness campaign. Over the next few weeks, there will be a number of activities and articles, either on EAST24, NTK or on social media, which will give more detail and understanding about our world, from a business continuity and organisational resilience perspective.

The sunshine has not gone yet, but I will leave you with this question; what can you do to help prepare us for winter?

Have a great week.


Darya Wotherspoon
Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR) Compliance Manager

Published 29th August 2019

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