Leadership message from Anthony Brett

Ant Brett

It can sometimes be hard to keep up with safety developments, especially in today’s climate where information is so readily available. Today I wanted to share with you some updates from the safety team at EEAST, to promote the work we’re doing, show how we’re moving from a Safety I to a Safety II culture, and making EEAST a safer place for patients and a safer place for you.

Schwartz Rounds

You may have seen recently that we’re about to hold our first ever Schwartz round in the Trust. If you’ve never heard of Schwartz, have a look at the video in the link. 

This is a great opportunity for all staff to be involved in something that has strong evidence of having real change. More information on how to get involved will be shared shortly.

Manual handling

We know that everyone works in challenging environments at times and this can have an impact on your health, when dealing with difficult manual handling scenarios. We are therefore rejuvenating our approach, to preparing you to deal with these situations in the safest possible way. The safety and wellbeing of our staff is hugely important to us and we hope that this programme of work will reduce the risks you face on a frequent basis.

SCORE surveys

We’re been running safety culture surveys in south Bedfordshire, Waveney and East Suffolk. The survey gives the teams in these areas a chance to see how staff, including managers, feel about working in the Trust. The surveys look at things like individual and team burnout, incident reporting and communication in work. The feedback so far is that the information is hugely valuable, and we’re currently working on action plans to address the opportunities that have been presented.

Learning from Incidents (LfIs)

We’ve been running a mix of LfIs events across the region this year, some at stations and some at universities. They provide a great opportunity to understand more about the work we do as a team, understand incidents that we’ve seen in the organisation in detail, both positive and challenging, and learn more about how we learn from incidents in a constructive way.

The team is looking to book in the next years’ worth of events in the coming weeks and we aim to offer our first AOC (Ambulance Operations Centre) themed events during this time. If you’d like us to consider visiting your area, drop Jordan an email, at Jordan.nicholls@eastamb.nhs.uk, and we can look to plan at your station, university or locality.

Serious Incident (SI) process survey

We’ve been working on a survey of those involved in serious incidents over the last nine months, to see how we can improve our own processes and those of the wider Trust. We’re actually looking at the information tomorrow, and once we’ve been able to break down the data, will be looking at our strengths and opportunities in the team. We’ll keep you updated with the next steps.

SI summaries

You’ll have hopefully seen on Need to Know, our updated SI summaries in a new digital format. We’re trialling these to see how well they’re received. Once we’ve trialled a few more, we’ll review the experience, ask for feedback, and adapt to suit *your* needs.

We also really want to hear your feedback. What can we do better? What do you want to see more of? Do you have any innovative ways to improve patient safety at EEAST? Please email Jordan, or anyone in the team, and we will make time to talk to you.

As always, thank you for everything you’re doing and your support to keep patients safe; I’m so proud to work alongside everyone doing so. Stay safe. 

All the best,

Anthony Brett
Safety and Risk Lead

Published 31st October 2019

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