Leadership message from Dorothy Hosein, Chief Executive

Dorothy Hosein

Hello everyone

I hope that you are all keeping well during these challenging times of COVID. I am so grateful that despite concerns for your own health and your families you continue to provide excellent care for our patients.

I have been part of national discussions this week on what is being termed as the Second Phase of managing COVID. It seems clear now that we will be dealing with the virus for a number of months and although social lockdown has reduced the peak of the virus it is still here and a vaccine programme is not available. For us at EEAST it means that we will continue to care for patients with COVID but will start to adopt more of our business as usual actions. Our increased workforce and fleet to tackle COVID will be flexed to meet peaks in demand and provide additional resilience.

I am sure you will be aware that an update from our Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due in the next few days. Please can I ask that if you are currently working remotely this continues until further notice.

Today the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives have released a position statement on the AGP status of chest compressions and defibrillation. The document can be accessed in full here but in summary NERVTAG were asked to complete an evidence based review to consider whether chest compressions and defibrillation are associated with an increased risk of transmission of acute respiratory infections. The following statement has been released on conclusion of this review

Based on the NERVTAG evidence review and consensus statement, chest compressions will not be added to the list of AGPs.”

This will mean that Ambulance Trusts will continue to follow the national advice from Public Health England, that chest compressions on their own and defibrillation are not AGPs and level 2 PPE is therefore appropriate. The expectation remains that appropriate levels of PPE are decided upon following your own risk assessment which may take into account all information and evidence available to you.

You may have heard about concerns for health workers from BAME backgrounds and the effect on them from COVID-19. We have updated our risk assessment for staff who may be at risk and would encourage you to complete this form if appropriate. Further guidance and support can be found here to support you.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Louise Stephens who has organised the delivery of a balloon rainbow to us here at Melbourn which has been gifted from Marlie King Balloons. It has really cheered us up here in Melbourn and it is a fitting gift ready for our Thursday Clap.


Like many of you I will be remembering all those who gave so much for us as we celebrate the anniversary of VE day tomorrow. I have been reflecting on the similarities as we are potentially entering into the lifting of lockdown, which although cause for celebration does not mean the war on COVID is over. 

Please take the very best care of yourselves and each other.



Published 7th May 2020

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