Leadership message from Dr Tom Davis

Dr Tom Davis

I want to make the main focus of this week’s message all about our culture here at EEAST. As you will know, the Care Quality Commission has highlighted a number of significant concerns about behaviour across our service, and this was based mainly on your feedback.

It has been good to see many of you step forward to raise issues directly, and hopefully our ‘Speak up, Speak out and Stop it’ campaign has played a part in encouraging this openness.

However, these are early days and cultural change is a long term commitment. It is clear from my conversations with staff, and through other feedback, that there is more work to do so everyone understands the issues we face and the approach we are taking.

That’s why, starting this week, we will be sharing more material with you on our cultural change work. This will help us all have a shared understanding of what we are tackling, the latest progress and the roles we all play in creating a positive culture here at EEAST.

You can see a graphic illustrating the work we have done so far and a short video explaining our progress to date below.


Thank you

Dr Tom Davis
Interim Chief Executive Officer



Published 25th February 2021