Leadership message from Dr Tom Davis

Dr Tom Davis

As part of our ongoing investment in training and development, we have commissioned a series of 10-minute compelling video training materials.

Open to all, these skill booster videos which cover inclusion, leadership and teamwork can be accessed 24/7 through EVOLVE with no booking required. Just log on to your EVOLVE account and search for the 'skill booster videos'. Any queries, just drop leadership@eastamb.nhs.uk an email.

The care we provide for our patients at EEAST is rightly recognised, and especially in the most distressing situations. To enhance our support for patients of stillborn babies, we have introduced bespoke, handmade cuddle pockets to help crews transport stillborn babies to hospital with compassion and sensitivity. These knitted pockets are designed for babies less than 24 weeks, and the baby’s parents are encouraged to hold their baby during the journey. You can read more here.

Phase 2 of our in-house covid vaccination programme is now up and running. Clinics will be running all week and careful planning is in place so we get as many staff vaccinated as soon as possible, while maintaining staffing levels. We expect this phase to be as successful as our first, which saw over 6,000 staff (over 90 percent) receive their first jab. Information on booking can be found here.

EEAST has continued its strong performance despite the challenges of winter and Covid, and this was highlighted at the Board meeting last week. As we mentioned last week, a summary of our latest performance data is available here. Our monthly progress update on the CQC action plan is also available which focuses this time on improvements in employee relations and governance.

Finally, I want to end with a message from the whole executive team. This follows the murder of Londoner Sarah Everard, a tragedy which I am sure you are aware of and has affected many of us deeply. At EEAST, we want every member of our team to feel safe from the start to the end of the working day, on site and off. If you have any concerns at all, please do speak up and speak out immediately to a colleague, manager, the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian or via the OCE email.

Dr Tom Davis
Interim Chief Executive Officer



Published 18th March 2021