Leadership message from Dr Tom Davis, Deputy Chief Executive and Medical Director

Dr Tom Davis

As you know, the latest Care Quality Commission inspection report was made public yesterday. The CQC’s findings were valid - and hard-hitting. 

I hope you have had the opportunity to read or hear our response, which sets out current and future actions.

From talking to colleagues yesterday via the Teams sessions, it is clear the CQC’s report triggered a range of responses, which is completely understandable. I have heard from colleagues experiencing poor behaviour in the workplace today, and from others who have suffered in the past from ineffective processes and frustrating delays when issues have been raised. There were many questions about staff development, training and the role of secondments. The leadership and our ability to deliver was called out. “What is different this time?” has been a recurring theme. 

Thank you for your honesty. These are the discussions we need to have to create the culture we want, and these topics will be explored in future engagement and the new cultural survey which will be with you shortly.

I know you are surveyed a lot, and the NHS National Staff Survey is out next week, but they are really important. One of the main benefits of a survey is the ability to track trends, to see impact over a longer-term. Another benefit is being able to compare ourselves to similar organisations, providing a benchmark on what we are doing well, and where we can improve. So I know surveys can be frustrating, and they are not the only method we use, but they do make a difference.

Providing you with a confidential and independent route to speak up is also important. That's why we have appointed a permanent full time Guardian. Janice joined us recently from outside the Trust, and you may already have heard her talk about moving the Trust to a more open, transparent and honest culture. During October, there will be a number of opportunities to engage with your Guardian and these will be advertised in Need to Know.

To end, I just want to mention some of the other feedback I heard from staff about the CQC report. A number of you said we mustn’t lose sight of the many positives here at EEAST, like the care we provide and our working relationships.

That was really good to hear. Our ambition now is to address the culture, leadership and governance problems quickly - and protect our performance and work life-balance - so the balance tips permanently towards the positive.  

Dr Tom Davis
Deputy Chief Executive and Medical Director


Published 1st October 2020

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