Leadership message from Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

I hope you have all been managing to enjoy some of the better summer weather we have been having recently. However, we know for us, this comes with an increase in activity, which is particularly challenging as we enter a period when our staff generally want to take more leave. It doesn’t seem any time at all since we faced the challenges of winter; in fact there is never really a “quieter” period for our service anymore.

Similarly, we are under constant scrutiny from our stakeholders and regulators to show that we are using our scarce resources as effectively and efficiently as possible. The Trust finished the last financial year with a deficit of just over £2m and we expect to have a small deficit again this year. Whilst these figures are not as high as many other NHS organisations, this still brings increased concerns of our performance.

Our regulators collect benchmarking information on a regular basis, to compare us to the other ambulance trusts and the wider NHS. 

"We know from this work that we have very low costs for our corporate support services, so we are maximising our resources on our frontline services."  

However, these also show that we are not as efficient as our fellow trusts, in areas such as job cycle times, out of service times and arrival to clear times at hospitals, so we know we have further work to do to improve these.

We know we can do this, as we’ve seen some really positive results from the work done to reduce late finishes and the impact of the People and Vehicle Support Hub (PVSH) team, amongst many other things. But of course there is always more to do! Thank you for all your efforts with this work.

Take care and enjoy the sunshine!


Published 4th July 2019

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